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Apache Commons JCI 2.0 RELEASE NOTES
JCI is a java compiler interface. It can be used to either compile java
(or any other language that can be compiled to java classes like e.g. groovy
or javascript) to Java. It is well integrated with a filesystem alteration
monitor that can be used with the JCI compiling/reloading classloader. All
the currently supported compilers feature in-memory compilation.
Release 2.0
Changes in this version include:
Fixed bugs:
o Fixed a NPE in FilesystemAlterationMonitor when the directory is not readable (JCI-68)
o Compiling classes with cross imports using Janino no longer causes a stack overflow (JCI-53)
o FilesystemAlterationMonitor no longer throws a NPE when calling stop() before start() (JCI-62)
o EclipseJavaCompiler properly closes the InputStreams (JCI-58)
o Eclipse compiler settings are no longer ignored (JCI-50, JCI-51)
o Fixed an issue preventing the Eclipse compiler from loading resources from the ResourceStore (JCI-56)
o Updated the API to use generics
o JaninoJavaCompiler is now compatible with Janino(2.6 (JCI-69)
o EclipseJavaCompiler is now compatible with the Eclipse JDT compiler 4.2.2
o Dropped the javac compiler since it only worked with Java 5 (JCI-73)
o Improved the thread safety of FilesystemAlterationMonitor (JCI-74)
o The FilesystemAlterationMonitor thread is now a daemon thread (JCI-65)
o The Eclipse compiler now supports source/target 1.7
For complete information on Commons JCI, including instructions on how to submit bug reports,
patches, or suggestions for improvement, see the Apache Commons JCI website: