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Commons JEXL Package
Version 2.0
Release Notes
JEXL is an Expression Language supporting most of the constructs in the
JSTL Expression Language, along with some additional extensions.
Changes in this version include:
Incompatible Changes
Now requires Java 1.5 or later.
Version 2.0 resides in the org.apache.commons.jexl2 package; part of the version 1.x API is reimplemented as an
add-on source library in the jexl-compat directory; since it can not fully reimplement the original public 1.x, it may
only be used to ease transition in strictly controlled deployments.
The following classes are implemented through the jexl-compat source library:
* ExpressionFactory
* ScriptFactory
* Expression
* Script
* JexlContext
* JexlHelper
Migration notes
When migrating from jexl 1.x to jexl 2.0, the following hints may be helpfull.
The following classes no longer exist:
* ExpressionFactory, ScriptFactory: create a JexlEngine and use createExpression() or createScript()
The following classes have been renamed and replaced:
* VelMethod <=> JexlMethod
* VelPropertyGet <=> JexlPropertyGet
* VelPropertySet <=> JexlPropertySet
The following methods have been removed:
* Info.getTemplateName() - use Info.getName() instead
* Expression.addPostResolver() / Expression.addPreResolver() - set ant-like variables in JexlContext, implement
a specific JexlContext or derive JexlcontextInterpreter/JexlEngine instead
Behavior changes
* Public fields are considered when using JexlPropertyGet / JexlPropertySet: Jexl 1.x behavior can be reimplemented
by subclassing UberspectImpl.
*Division (/ operator) behavior change: division between integers no longer casts its operands to double; integer division
allways results in a integer. The 1.x behavior can be reimplemented by subclassing JexlArithmetic.
New Features:
Assignment expression: a = b (and a.b.c = d)
* Assigns a variable (ant-like variable or bean-property)
Ternary operator expression: a ? b : c (and a ?: c)
* The usual inline conditional shortcut and its 'Elvis' form (a ?: b evaluates as a ? a : b)
Constructor call expression: new('', arguments...)
* Creates a new instance of a class using the most appropriate constructor according
to the actual arguments
Function namespace: ns:func(arguments...)
* A function namespace allows the use of class or instance methods in function calls
* Adds ${...} and #{...} JSP/EL syntax support on top of the JexlEngine
JSR-223 support
* Implement JSR-223 Scripting Engine for JEXL script (need BSF-3.0 on Java < 6)
Error and exception handling
* Configuring the leniency and verbosity of the Jexl engine allows user control over the
error handling policy
Bugs fixed:
* JEXL-90: Jexl parser allows invalid expressions, e.g. "a=1 b=2 3"
* JEXL-88: - name clash getMostSpecific() with Java 1.5.0
* JEXL-87: Inconsistent behaviour of arithmetical operations
* JEXL-81: Introspector does not use ListGetExecutor for List
* JEXL-80: Lenient mode should not throw exception when {g,s}etting an undefined property
* JEXL-78: Ternary operator throws Exception when JexlEngine in strict mode
* JEXL-76: Remove unnecessary class VisitorAdapter
* JEXL-71: Parsing errors?
* JEXL-67: Potential NPE in util.introspection.MethodKey
* JEXL-66: testDottedNames expects map enumeration order
* JEXL-64: Inconsistent behaviour of dotted names
* JEXL-62: NPE in Interpreter
* JEXL-59: ClassMap holds a reference to class
* JEXL-56: Logging wrongly uses java.util.logging
* JEXL-50: Div operator does not do integer division
* JEXL-49: Block statements aren't parsed
* JEXL-48: NPE during expression evaluation
* JEXL-45: Unhandled division by zero
* JEXL-42: NullPointerException evaluating an expression
* JEXL-40: JEXL fails to find abstract public methods in the base class if overridden by non-public derived types
* JEXL-32: BigDecimal values are treated as Long values which results in loss of precision
* JEXL-30: ASTAddNode does not add BigDecimal objects correctly
* JEXL-27: Cannot assign a value to the property of an object, such as object.prop = value.
* JEXL-26: ASTArrayAccess messes up on fallback to JexlContext
* JEXL-19: Ternary conditional not supported
* JEXL-3 : Static method resolution and changes to context
Other issues fixed (Improvements/New Features):
* JEXL-95: Enhance JSR-223 implementation
* JEXL-94: Allow stateful namespaces (ns:function)
* JEXL-93: Add public fields as targets of set/get property
* JEXL-92: JexlContext API should be more flexible
* JEXL-89: Drop main() and suite() methods from Test cases
* JEXL-85: 2.0 grammar finishing touches & debugger update
* JEXL-82: Change foreach syntax
* JEXL-77: Rename last Velocity originated classes
* JEXL-72: Remove deprecated classes and methods entirely
* JEXL-70: Add main class to allow scripts etc to be tested
* JEXL-63: JSR-223 support
* JEXL-61: Usage of strong references on Method/Constructor & WeakHashMap usage
* JEXL-60: Refactor o.a.c.jexl.util and o.a.c.jexl.util.introspection
* JEXL-58: UnifiedJEXL
* JEXL-57: Change pom.xml to make it Netbeans Maven2 plugin friendly
* JEXL-55: JEXL 2.0 redux, attempting to restart the effort to release 2.0
* JEXL-54: Light performance enhancements
* JEXL-47: Allow single-line comments with //
* JEXL-43: Website overview does not mention method calls and new 2.0 features
* JEXL-41: Allow nested ${} evaluation
* JEXL-35: Final API requirements
* JEXL-34: Remove pre and post resolution of variables via the JexlExprResolver classes.
* JEXL-33: Remove unnecessary throws Exception from various classes
* JEXL-29: Support non-object-level functions/methods, as size and empty function
* JEXL-25: Call method with varargs
* JEXL-24: Support Long for integer literal instead of Integers
* JEXL-21: operator overloading / hooks on operator processing
* JEXL-16: allowing quote escaping
* JEXL-15: Needs definable functions
* JEXL-11: Don't make null convertible into anything
* JEXL-10: Make possible checking for unresolved variables
Other Changes:
o Add @since 2.0 tags to code so we can track API additions via Javadoc