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$Id: RELEASE-NOTES.txt,v 1.5 2002/08/13 16:28:59 sanders Exp $
Commons Digester Package
Version 1.3
Release Notes
This document contains the release notes for this version of the Commons
Digester package, and highlights changes since the previous version.
Minor javadoc enhancements.
Minor test case enhancements.
Infrastructure Enhancements:
Digester can now be built using Maven.
See for more details.
Digester Enhancements:
Fixed bug with CallMethodRule introduced when constructors accepting the
digester as a parameter were depricated. CallMethodRule now waits until the
digester is set before loading classes from classnames.
Digester can now be used as a SAX ContentHandler as an alternative to
calling the parse() methods. The patch ensures that the configure() method is
called when used on a SAX stream as well as adding a new getRoot() method that
can be used to extract the parsed object after the SAX events have been
streamed into the digester.
JAXP 1.2 XML Schema support.
Add support for public getFeature() and setFeature() methods to configure the
SAXParserFactory. Also added getProperty() and setProperty() methods to do the
same sort of thing for SAXParser properties.
Rules Enhancements:
Fixed a bug in the rules implementations which meant that root tail matches
were missed. Also added unit tests for the bug.
An implmentation of overridden attribute->property name mappings for
SetPropertiesRule. Some of the code plus much of the inspiration came from a
patch created by Simon Kitching. The feeling on the list when this was
originally discussed was that really there is no good reason why this
functionality is needed - alternative mechanisms existed. Recently, one good
example was posted on the user list - that of the often problematic mapping of
an xml attribute named class. This patch allows attribute->property name
mappings to be overriden both through standard digester constructors and
through xmlrules.
Added support for primitive method calls to CallMethodRule.
XMLRule Enhancements:
XMLRules now allow paramtypes to be passed in.
8244 CallMethodRule rule can't be used to call no arg methods