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<title>Apache Commons Digester Changes</title>
<release version="3.3" date="201?-??-??" description="Maintenance release.">
<action dev="simonetripodi" type="fix" issue="DIGESTER-175">
Regression: DigesterTestCase#testPopNamedStackNotPushed expects EmptyStackException
<action dev="simonetripodi" type="fix" issue="DIGESTER-174" due-to="Andreas Sahlbach">
Inner List Annotation has wrong @Target for most of the predefined annotation rules
<action dev="simonetripodi" type="fix" issue="DIGESTER-173" due-to="Nick Williams">
No way to enable schema validation from DigesterLoader - patch provided by Ivan Diana
<action dev="simonetripodi" type="fix" issue="DIGESTER-172" due-to="Nick Williams">
Even with custom ErrorHandler, SAX errors are still written to stderr - patch provided by Ivan Diana
<action dev="simonetripodi" type="fix" issue="DIGESTER-171" due-to="Nick Williams">
Add DefaultThrowingErrorHandler to Digester API - patch provided by Ivan Diana
<action dev="simonetripodi" type="fix" issue="DIGESTER-170" due-to="Dale Wijnand">
Digester.pop(String) throws EmptyStackException where API doc says it returns null
<action dev="simonetripodi" type="fix" issue="DIGESTER-169" due-to="Eugene Fedotov">
Problem when including rules XML file with "classpath:" URL prefix
<action dev="simonetripodi" type="fix" issue="DIGESTER-167" due-to="Eugene Fedotov">
Groundless "Circular file inclusion detected" exception when including rules XML file
<action dev="simonetripodi" type="fix" issue="DIGESTER-165" due-to="Dirk Schaube">
BinderClassLoader does not override getResource
<action dev="simonetripodi" type="fix" issue="DIGESTER-164" due-to="Frank David Martinez">
RulesBase performance optimization.
<action dev="simonetripodi" type="fix" issue="DIGESTER-163" due-to="Torsten Krah">
ConcurrentModificationException creating a new Digester via loaderInstance.newDigester()
<action dev="simonetripodi" type="fix" issue="DIGESTER-162">
ObjectCreateRule doesn't allow create objects which type is specified in attributeName only
<action dev="simonetripodi" type="fix" issue="DIGESTER-161" due-to="Eduard Papa">
Document thread-safety in javadoc of Rule class
<action dev="ggregory" type="update" issue="DIGESTER-185">
Update Apache Commons Logging from 1.1.1 to 1.2.
<action dev="ggregory" type="update" issue="DIGESTER-186">
Update Java requirement from version 5 to 6.
<action dev="ggregory" type="update" issue="DIGESTER-194">
Update Java requirement from version 6 to 7
<action dev="ggregory" type="update" issue="DIGESTER-187">
Update Apache Commons Bean Utils from 1.8.3 to 1.9.4.
<action dev="ggregory" type="update" issue="DIGESTER-188">
Update cglib from 2.2.2 to 3.2.5.
<action dev="ggregory" type="update">
Update JUnit from 4.10 to 4.13.
<release version="3.2" date="2011-12-13" description="Maintenance release.">
<action dev="simonetripodi" type="fix" issue="DIGESTER-160">
provide an additional artifact with shaded dependencies
<action dev="simonetripodi" type="fix" issue="DIGESTER-159">
*/object-param-rule is not managed in the XML rules
<action dev="simonetripodi" type="fix" issue="DIGESTER-157">
Improve Set(Nested)PropertiesRuleAlias performances in the XML ruleset while binding rules.
<action dev="simonetripodi" type="fix" issue="DIGESTER-156">
Make (Nested|Set)PropertiesBuilder#addAlias() fluent.
<action dev="simonetripodi" type="fix" issue="DIGESTER-155">
ClassLoader reference set to DigesterLoader not set in produced Digester instances
<action dev="simonetripodi" type="fix" issue="DIGESTER-154">
The DigesterBinder is not able to load primitive classes by name
<action dev="mbenson" type="add" issue="DIGESTER-153">
Add Constructor support to ObjectCreateRule
<action dev="simonetripodi" type="add" issue="DIGESTER-152">
The org.apache.commons.digester3.binder.DigesterLoader doesn't allow binding a default org.xml.sax.Locator
<action dev="simonetripodi" type="add" issue="DIGESTER-151">
The org.apache.commons.digester3.binder.DigesterLoader doesn't allow binding a default org.xml.sax.ErrorHandler.
<release version="3.1" date="2011-10-29" description="New features release.">
<action dev="simonetripodi" type="add" issue="DIGESTER-150">
Use Java5 Concurrent APIs to asynchronous parse()
<release version="3.0" date="2011-07-06" description="New major release.">
<action dev="simonetripodi" type="fix" issue="DIGESTER-28">
Default ClassLoader policy unusable in EAR archive
<action dev="simonetripodi" type="add" issue="DIGESTER-72">
Allow SetNextRule to fire on begin
<action dev="simonetripodi" type="add" issue="DIGESTER-85">
Include filename or uri if Digester.parse(File file or String uri throws a SAXException
<action dev="simonetripodi" type="add" issue="DIGESTER-90">
xmlrules does not support setNamespaceURI
<action dev="simonetripodi" type="fix" issue="DIGESTER-103">
xmlrules does not support NodeCreateRule
<action dev="simonetripodi" type="add" issue="DIGESTER-105">
Need to process [attribute id="name"]somename[/attribute]
<action dev="simonetripodi" type="fix" issue="DIGESTER-118">
ObjectCreateRule shouldn't keep className as a field.
<action dev="simonetripodi" type="fix" issue="DIGESTER-123">
xmlrules dtd does not define xmlattrs for node-create-rule
<action dev="simonetripodi" type="add" issue="DIGESTER-127">
Allow DigesterLoader to accept an instance of a preconfigured Digester
<action dev="simonetripodi" type="add" issue="DIGESTER-131">
Allow recursive match in ExtendedBaseRules.
<action dev="simonetripodi" type="add" issue="DIGESTER-132">
Add a CompoundSubstitutor to support more than one Substitutors at a time.
<action dev="simonetripodi" type="fix" issue="DIGESTER-134">
Bug in SetPropertyRule.
<action dev="simonetripodi" type="update" issue="DIGESTER-137">
Public/protected static fields which intended as constants, but which are not marked final.