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To build BSF, one needs the following:
Servlet API .jar via Tomcat or other source
Supported language .jar files:
BeanShell -> (3rd party BSF engine)
Jacl ->
JPython ->
JRuby -> (3rd party BSF engine)
JudoScript -> (3rd party BSF engine)
Jython ->
NetRexx ->
Rhino ->
Xalan ->
As a convenience, these language .jars are currently collected at:
Make sure the .jars (and Ant) are in your CLASSPATH, and then use the command
ant [target]
where [target] is one of the following:
compile creates the "bsf.jar" package in "./build/lib"
(default target)
samples compiles the samples into "./build/samples"
javadocs creates javadocs for the whole package in
bindist creates the complete binary distribution in "./dist/"
srcdist creates the complete src distribution in "./dist/"
dist creates both the binary and the src distributions
in "./dist/"
clean removes all the generated files and directories