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/* author: Rony G. Flatscher
name: TableFiller.rex
date: 2006-11-26
purpose: demonstrate how to use the xsl-BSF-engine from ooRexx, modelled after
needs: Java 1.4.x *or*
Note on using Java 5, Java 6 or higher:
- if the sample does not work in these environments then, copy the Xalan-jars from
"" distribution into the "endorsed"
directory of these Java versions (e.g. "JAVA_JRE_HOME /jre/lib/endorsed/"); make
sure that the archive "xalan.jar" (from the xalan-tool jar) is available as well;
tested with Xalan 2.7 and 2.8 on Java 5 and beta-version of Java 6
usage: rexxj TableFiller.rex style1.xsl table-data.xml
rexxj TableFiller.rex style2.xsl table-data.xml
parse arg xslFileName xmlFileName
if xmlFileName="" then
say "Usage: rexxj TableFiller.rex xslfilename xmlfilename"
exit -1
frame=.bsf~new("java.awt.Frame", "Table Filler (ooRexx)")
frame~bsf.addEventListener('window', 'windowClosing', 'call bsf "exit"')
panel=.bsf~new("java.awt.Panel", .bsf~new("java.awt.GridLayout", -1, 2))
-- import the Java Font class, store it in .local as "jfont"
call bsf.import "java.awt.Font", "jfont"
f=.jfont~new("SansSerif", .jfont~bold , 14)
do text over .list~of("First", "Last")
l=.bsf~new("java.awt.Label", text) ~~setFont(f)
frame~add("Center", panel)
mgr=.bsf~new("org.apache.bsf.BSFManager") -- create a new BSFManager instance
mgr~declareBean("panel", panel, panel~getClass)
mgr~registerBean("xslt:src", .bsf~new("", xmlFileName))
-- xslString=bsf.import("org.apache.bsf.util.IOUtils")~getStringFromReader(.bsf~new("", xslFileName))
xslString=charin(xslFileName, 1, chars(xslFileName)) -- read content of file
mgr~exec("xslt", xslFileName, 0, 0, xslString)
frame ~~pack ~~setVisible(.true)
do forever
a = bsf("pollEventText") /* wait for an eventText to be sent */
interpret a /* execute as a Rexx program */
say "(in Rexx), polled: ["a"]"
if result= "SHUTDOWN, REXX !" then leave /* JVM will be shutdown */
say "Now exiting Rexx."
::requires bsf.cls -- load BSF (Java) support