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For 2011-08-17 (a test whether commiting has become possible as well):
- incorporate all RFEs for BSF 2.4
- possibly create a JSR-223-adapter for BSF 2.4 (there are engines for BSF 2.4 for which no JSR-223 engines exist; in addition it may buy time for deployments that have a mix of BSF 2.4 and JSR-223)
-------------------------- cut here (from 2006) ------------------------------
For 2006-09-25 the TODO list would consist at least from the following items:
- add new BSF engines for BSF 2.4
- create a new BSF 3.0 which complies to JSR-223 (which is part of Java 6),
some features being
- BSF 3.0 will be available as FOSS for earlier version of Java
- BSF 3.0 may get an internal adapter for employing the numerous BSF 2.4
engines transparently
- ...
Rony G. Flatscher, 2006-09-25
------------------------------ cut here (from 2003) -----------------------------
The following TODO list stems from 2003 and has not been updated anymore and
has partially been obsoleted:
TODO list for BSF 2.3.0-1:
use a discovery mechanism like JAXP in place of
break out messages for both runtime and debugging into properties files
work out a better procedure for obtaining language jarfiles
Maven/Ibiblio and replacement of CVS with Subversion are possibilities
improve doc generation and distribution
provide/incorporate patches for Jasper 4.0.x, 4.1.x, and 5.x.
TODO list for BSF 2.4.0:
work on improving BSF global scope, e.g.:
public Boolean variableExists()
public Object getVariableValue()
public void setVariableValue()
TODO list for BSF 3.0.0:
address debug support for multiple languages (JSR-045?)
------------------------------ cut here (from 2003) -----------------------------