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changes for Apache BSF 2.4.0 (from RELEASE-NOTE.txt)
*) can be used as an extension package to Java by placing it into
"jre/lib/ext" [using the thread's context classloader, ie. the result
of 'Thread.currentThread().getContextClassLoader()']
*) removed experimental 'DebugLog' class, superceded by commons-logging
and log4j
*) removed 'org.apache.bsf.engines.activescript.*', as it is not
supported anymore (stems from the original IBM codebase, but would
need native Windows code to bridge OLE/ActiveX)
*) removed 'org.apache.bsf.engines.jpython', as it is superceded by
the newer 'org.apache.bsf.engines.jython'
*) '': new method
"public String getVersion()", returns string in the form of a
dewey decimal number 'abc' (three levels, each between 0 and 9)
'abc.yyyymmdd', 'yyyy' four digit year, 'mm' two digit month,
'dd' two digit day;
e.g. '240.20060925' stands for: BSF version 2.4.0 as of 2006-09-25
*) new class 'org.apache.bsf.utils.BSFEventProcessorReturningEventInfos'
*) '': added the method
changes for Apache BSF 2.3.0
*) Revert BSF debug support (due to several usability issues)
and refactor source.
*) add javadocs and realclean targets to build.xml
scrub remaining email addresses from source for spam prevention
*) Cleaned out META* junk
*) Removed bsf/src/org/apache/bsf/engines/activescript/samples/*
because of copyright issues
*) Changes for org.apache.* namespace, license changes
changes to BSF 2.2
*) Fix taglibs, and allow debugging through taglibs
*) Entry/Exit debugging added
*) Overall logging solution, involving a loglevel property
*) BSF taglib added to drop package
*) Debug Protocol versioning and handshake
*) Miscellaneous bugfixes, additions, and cleanups.
*) updated XSLT support for Xalan 2
*) added Jython engine
*) JSDI and debug engine for ECMAScript
*) added master build.xml
*) added scripts module to the bsf23 module
*) added bsf23 module for rollup of bsf, bsf_debug, and jsdb
created bsf-build-23 module for other files (support, build.xml)