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Apache Events website

This is the source code for the website of the Apache Events website, hosted at:

To get in touch with the Community Development PMC (responsible for the website) please use the mailing list.

The repository for the main Community Development website is at

How to publish the website

Changes to the main branch of this repository trigger the events-site Jenkins Job, which generates the website content and commits it to the asf-site branch of this repository. There's currently (April 2020) a lag of about ten minutes for the Jenkins job to start, if you commit directly to the GitHub repository.

The ASF's gitpubsub mechanism then synchronizes that content to, usually within a few seconds. More details about the publication process can be found in the ASF Documentation about Project sites. If for some reason this process fails, you can use the self-service page from ASF Infra to trigger a resync of the git repo.

Powered by Hugo!

The website uses Hugo as static website generator, see their website for more information and for how to install and run it if needed.

Other Apache websites that are built with Hugo should be listed by this GitHub query for the ‘hugo’ tag.

How to test the website and changes on your own computer

To generate the static website, execute hugo to generate the website under target/content.

During development, it may be useful to run an incremental build. For this to work, execute hugo server -D to continuously (re)generate and serve the website on localhost:1313.

How-To add an ApacheCon event promotion to your project site

All PMCs are asked to help promote ApacheCon and other major Apache sponsored events by adding some form of img link to their homepages, in whatever place works best for your site navigation. Once you add the code, no further changes needed (will be auto-updated to be the next upcoming event).

  • Add a small image and link (where {size} = 125x125 or 234x60)
<a  href="">
  <img src="{size}.png"/>

NOTE: this page, in turn, redirects to the current or upcoming event, which is usually

How ComDev/VP, Conferences Maintains current-event Pages

  • Maintenance of current-event* files for PMC inclusion:
  • update text in content/current-event.mdtext
  • replace content/images/current-event-*.png files with the new versions from content/ads/ApacheCon