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Cloudstack Cloud Controller Manager

A Cloud Controller Manager to facilitate Kubernetes deployments on Cloudstack.

Based on the old Cloudstack provider in kube-controller-manager.


All dependencies are vendored. You need GNU make, git and Go 1.10 to build cloudstack-ccm.

go get
cd ${GOPATH}/src/

To build the cloudstack-cloud-controller-manager container, please use the provided Docker file:

docker build . -t swisstxt/cloudstack-cloud-controller-manager:latest


Prebuilt containers are posted on Docker Hub.


To deploy the ccm in the cluster see deployment.yaml and configure your cloudstack and api server connection. See the comments.


Make sure your apiserver is running locally and keep your cloudstack config ready:

./cloudstack-ccm --cloud-provider external-cloudstack --cloud-config cloud.config --master localhost


© 2018 SWISS TXT AG and the Kubernetes authors.

See LICENSE-2.0 for permitted usage.