Branches and tags

Note: details of the release process for the Engine are documented in the RELEASE-CHECKLIST.


The docker/docker repository should normally have only three living branches at all time, including the regular master branch:

docs branch

The docs branch supports documentation updates between product releases. This branch allow us to decouple documentation releases from product releases.

release branch

The release branch contains the last released version of the code for the project.

The release branch is only updated at each public release of the project. The mechanism for this is that the release is materialized by a pull request against the release branch which lives for the duration of the code freeze period. When this pull request is merged, the release branch gets updated, and its new state is tagged accordingly.


Any public release of a compiled binary, with the logical exception of nightly builds, should have a corresponding tag in the repository.

The general format of a tag is vX.Y.Z[-suffix[N]]:

  • All of X, Y, Z must be specified (example: v1.0.0)
  • First release candidate for version 1.8.0 should be tagged v1.8.0-rc1
  • Second alpha release of a product should be tagged v1.0.0-alpha1