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package libcontainerd
import (
// Process contains information to start a specific application inside the container.
type Process specs.Process
// Summary contains a ProcessList item from HCS to support `top`
type Summary hcsshim.ProcessListItem
// StateInfo contains description about the new state container has entered.
type StateInfo struct {
// Platform specific StateInfo
UpdatePending bool // Indicates that there are some update operations pending that should be completed by a servicing container.
// Stats contains statics from HCS
type Stats hcsshim.Statistics
// Resources defines updatable container resource values.
type Resources struct{}
// ServicingOption is a CreateOption with a no-op application that signifies
// the container needs to be used for a Windows servicing operation.
type ServicingOption struct {
IsServicing bool
// FlushOption is a CreateOption that signifies if the container should be
// started with flushes ignored until boot has completed. This is an optimisation
// for first boot of a container.
type FlushOption struct {
IgnoreFlushesDuringBoot bool
// HyperVIsolationOption is a CreateOption that indicates whether the runtime
// should start the container as a Hyper-V container, and if so, the sandbox path.
type HyperVIsolationOption struct {
IsHyperV bool
SandboxPath string `json:",omitempty"`
// LayerOption is a CreateOption that indicates to the runtime the layer folder
// and layer paths for a container.
type LayerOption struct {
// LayerFolder is the path to the current layer folder. Empty for Hyper-V containers.
LayerFolderPath string `json:",omitempty"`
// Layer paths of the parent layers
LayerPaths []string
// NetworkEndpointsOption is a CreateOption that provides the runtime list
// of network endpoints to which a container should be attached during its creation.
type NetworkEndpointsOption struct {
Endpoints []string
AllowUnqualifiedDNSQuery bool
// CredentialsOption is a CreateOption that indicates the credentials from
// a credential spec to be used to the runtime
type CredentialsOption struct {
Credentials string
// Checkpoint holds the details of a checkpoint (not supported in windows)
type Checkpoint struct {
Name string
// Checkpoints contains the details of a checkpoint
type Checkpoints struct {
Checkpoints []*Checkpoint