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set -e
# DinD: a wrapper script which allows docker to be run inside a docker container.
# Original version by Jerome Petazzoni <>
# See the blog post:
# This script should be executed inside a docker container in privileged mode
# ('docker run --privileged', introduced in docker 0.6).
# Usage: dind CMD [ARG...]
# apparmor sucks and Docker needs to know that it's in a container (c) @tianon
export container=docker
if [ -d /sys/kernel/security ] && ! mountpoint -q /sys/kernel/security; then
mount -t securityfs none /sys/kernel/security || {
echo >&2 'Could not mount /sys/kernel/security.'
echo >&2 'AppArmor detection and --privileged mode might break.'
# Mount /tmp (conditionally)
if ! mountpoint -q /tmp; then
mount -t tmpfs none /tmp
if [ $# -gt 0 ]; then
exec "$@"
echo >&2 'ERROR: No command specified.'
echo >&2 'You probably want to run hack/, or maybe a shell?'