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" dockerfile.vim - Syntax highlighting for Dockerfiles
" Maintainer: Honza Pokorny <>
" Version: 0.5
if exists("b:current_syntax")
let b:current_syntax = "dockerfile"
syntax case ignore
highlight link dockerfileKeyword Keyword
syntax region dockerfileString start=/\v"/ skip=/\v\\./ end=/\v"/
highlight link dockerfileString String
syntax match dockerfileComment "\v^\s*#.*$"
highlight link dockerfileComment Comment
set commentstring=#\ %s
" match "RUN", "CMD", and "ENTRYPOINT" lines, and parse them as shell
let s:current_syntax = b:current_syntax
unlet b:current_syntax
syntax include @SH syntax/sh.vim
let b:current_syntax = s:current_syntax
syntax region shLine matchgroup=dockerfileKeyword start=/\v^\s*(RUN|CMD|ENTRYPOINT)\s/ end=/\v$/ contains=@SH
" since @SH will handle "\" as part of the same line automatically, this "just works" for line continuation too, but with the caveat that it will highlight "RUN echo '" followed by a newline as if it were a block because the "'" is shell line continuation... not sure how to fix that just yet (TODO)