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package client
import (
distreference ""
// ImageTag tags an image in the docker host
func (cli *Client) ImageTag(ctx context.Context, imageID, ref string) error {
distributionRef, err := distreference.ParseNamed(ref)
if err != nil {
return fmt.Errorf("Error parsing reference: %q is not a valid repository/tag", ref)
if _, isCanonical := distributionRef.(distreference.Canonical); isCanonical {
return errors.New("refusing to create a tag with a digest reference")
tag := reference.GetTagFromNamedRef(distributionRef)
query := url.Values{}
query.Set("repo", distributionRef.Name())
query.Set("tag", tag)
resp, err :=, "/images/"+imageID+"/tag", query, nil, nil)
return err