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FROM ubuntu
ENV name value
ENV name=value
ENV name=value name2=value2
ENV name="value value1"
ENV name=value\ value2
ENV name="value'quote space'value2"
ENV name='value"double quote"value2'
ENV name=value\ value2 name2=value2\ value3
ENV name="a\"b"
ENV name="a\'b"
ENV name='a\'b'
ENV name='a\'b''
ENV name='a\"b'
ENV name="''"
# don't put anything after the next line - it must be the last line of the
# Dockerfile and it must end with \
ENV name=value \
name1=value1 \
name2="value2a \
value2b" \
name3="value3a\n\"value3b\"" \
name4="value4a\\nvalue4b" \