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package events
const (
// ContainerEventType is the event type that containers generate
ContainerEventType = "container"
// DaemonEventType is the event type that daemon generate
DaemonEventType = "daemon"
// ImageEventType is the event type that images generate
ImageEventType = "image"
// NetworkEventType is the event type that networks generate
NetworkEventType = "network"
// PluginEventType is the event type that plugins generate
PluginEventType = "plugin"
// VolumeEventType is the event type that volumes generate
VolumeEventType = "volume"
// Actor describes something that generates events,
// like a container, or a network, or a volume.
// It has a defined name and a set or attributes.
// The container attributes are its labels, other actors
// can generate these attributes from other properties.
type Actor struct {
ID string
Attributes map[string]string
// Message represents the information an event contains
type Message struct {
// Deprecated information from JSONMessage.
// With data only in container events.
Status string `json:"status,omitempty"`
ID string `json:"id,omitempty"`
From string `json:"from,omitempty"`
Type string
Action string
Actor Actor
Time int64 `json:"time,omitempty"`
TimeNano int64 `json:"timeNano,omitempty"`