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package container
import (
// HealthConfig holds configuration settings for the HEALTHCHECK feature.
type HealthConfig struct {
// Test is the test to perform to check that the container is healthy.
// An empty slice means to inherit the default.
// The options are:
// {} : inherit healthcheck
// {"NONE"} : disable healthcheck
// {"CMD", args...} : exec arguments directly
// {"CMD-SHELL", command} : run command with system's default shell
Test []string `json:",omitempty"`
// Zero means to inherit. Durations are expressed as integer nanoseconds.
Interval time.Duration `json:",omitempty"` // Interval is the time to wait between checks.
Timeout time.Duration `json:",omitempty"` // Timeout is the time to wait before considering the check to have hung.
// Retries is the number of consecutive failures needed to consider a container as unhealthy.
// Zero means inherit.
Retries int `json:",omitempty"`
// Config contains the configuration data about a container.
// It should hold only portable information about the container.
// Here, "portable" means "independent from the host we are running on".
// Non-portable information *should* appear in HostConfig.
// All fields added to this struct must be marked `omitempty` to keep getting
// predictable hashes from the old `v1Compatibility` configuration.
type Config struct {
Hostname string // Hostname
Domainname string // Domainname
User string // User that will run the command(s) inside the container, also support user:group
AttachStdin bool // Attach the standard input, makes possible user interaction
AttachStdout bool // Attach the standard output
AttachStderr bool // Attach the standard error
ExposedPorts nat.PortSet `json:",omitempty"` // List of exposed ports
Tty bool // Attach standard streams to a tty, including stdin if it is not closed.
OpenStdin bool // Open stdin
StdinOnce bool // If true, close stdin after the 1 attached client disconnects.
Env []string // List of environment variable to set in the container
Cmd strslice.StrSlice // Command to run when starting the container
Healthcheck *HealthConfig `json:",omitempty"` // Healthcheck describes how to check the container is healthy
ArgsEscaped bool `json:",omitempty"` // True if command is already escaped (Windows specific)
Image string // Name of the image as it was passed by the operator (e.g. could be symbolic)
Volumes map[string]struct{} // List of volumes (mounts) used for the container
WorkingDir string // Current directory (PWD) in the command will be launched
Entrypoint strslice.StrSlice // Entrypoint to run when starting the container
NetworkDisabled bool `json:",omitempty"` // Is network disabled
MacAddress string `json:",omitempty"` // Mac Address of the container
OnBuild []string // ONBUILD metadata that were defined on the image Dockerfile
Labels map[string]string // List of labels set to this container
StopSignal string `json:",omitempty"` // Signal to stop a container
StopTimeout *int `json:",omitempty"` // Timeout (in seconds) to stop a container
Shell strslice.StrSlice `json:",omitempty"` // Shell for shell-form of RUN, CMD, ENTRYPOINT