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package distribution
import (
// TagService provides access to information about tagged objects.
type TagService interface {
// Get retrieves the descriptor identified by the tag. Some
// implementations may differentiate between "trusted" tags and
// "untrusted" tags. If a tag is "untrusted", the mapping will be returned
// as an ErrTagUntrusted error, with the target descriptor.
Get(ctx context.Context, tag string) (Descriptor, error)
// Tag associates the tag with the provided descriptor, updating the
// current association, if needed.
Tag(ctx context.Context, tag string, desc Descriptor) error
// Untag removes the given tag association
Untag(ctx context.Context, tag string) error
// All returns the set of tags managed by this tag service
All(ctx context.Context) ([]string, error)
// Lookup returns the set of tags referencing the given digest.
Lookup(ctx context.Context, digest Descriptor) ([]string, error)