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# commit to be tagged for new release
commit = "HEAD"
project_name = "registry"
github_repo = "docker/distribution"
# previous release
previous = "v2.6.0"
pre_release = true
preface = """\
The 2.7 registry release has been a long time coming and represents both
a long gap since the previous release and a renewed effort to release
regularly. The maintainers were committed to get OCI support into the
next release and thanks to much effort in the community that has
been accomplished.
## OCI Support
### Push and Pull of OCI Images
The registry now allows pushing and pulling OCI images. OCI images will always
be preserved exactly without conversion to older types. With this change,
clients which implement OCI can feel comfortable creating OCI images as part of
their container image build process.
## Specification Donation
The Distribution specification which has had 4 years of review, implementation,
and production use is now part of OCI. As part of that move, specification
changes will no longer be accepted in the open source registry and should
instead go to [OCI's distribution-spec](
## Bug fixes
Many many fixes and improvements, see the change log below
# notable prs to include in the release notes, 1234 is the pr number
old = ""
new = ""