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package storagemiddleware
import (
storagedriver ""
// InitFunc is the type of a StorageMiddleware factory function and is
// used to register the constructor for different StorageMiddleware backends.
type InitFunc func(storageDriver storagedriver.StorageDriver, options map[string]interface{}) (storagedriver.StorageDriver, error)
var storageMiddlewares map[string]InitFunc
// Register is used to register an InitFunc for
// a StorageMiddleware backend with the given name.
func Register(name string, initFunc InitFunc) error {
if storageMiddlewares == nil {
storageMiddlewares = make(map[string]InitFunc)
if _, exists := storageMiddlewares[name]; exists {
return fmt.Errorf("name already registered: %s", name)
storageMiddlewares[name] = initFunc
return nil
// Get constructs a StorageMiddleware with the given options using the named backend.
func Get(name string, options map[string]interface{}, storageDriver storagedriver.StorageDriver) (storagedriver.StorageDriver, error) {
if storageMiddlewares != nil {
if initFunc, exists := storageMiddlewares[name]; exists {
return initFunc(storageDriver, options)
return nil, fmt.Errorf("no storage middleware registered with name: %s", name)