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package context
import (
// WithTrace allocates a traced timing span in a new context. This allows a
// caller to track the time between calling WithTrace and the returned done
// function. When the done function is called, a log message is emitted with a
// "trace.duration" field, corresponding to the elapsed time and a
// "trace.func" field, corresponding to the function that called WithTrace.
// The logging keys "" and "" are provided to implement
// dapper-like tracing. This function should be complemented with a WithSpan
// method that could be used for tracing distributed RPC calls.
// The main benefit of this function is to post-process log messages or
// intercept them in a hook to provide timing data. Trace ids and parent ids
// can also be linked to provide call tracing, if so required.
// Here is an example of the usage:
// func timedOperation(ctx Context) {
// ctx, done := WithTrace(ctx)
// defer done("this will be the log message")
// // ... function body ...
// }
// If the function ran for roughly 1s, such a usage would emit a log message
// as follows:
// INFO[0001] this will be the log message trace.duration=1.004575763s<id> ...
// Notice that the function name is automatically resolved, along with the
// package and a trace id is emitted that can be linked with parent ids.
func WithTrace(ctx context.Context) (context.Context, func(format string, a ...interface{})) {
if ctx == nil {
ctx = Background()
pc, file, line, _ := runtime.Caller(1)
f := runtime.FuncForPC(pc)
ctx = &traced{
Context: ctx,
id: uuid.Generate().String(),
start: time.Now(),
parent: GetStringValue(ctx, ""),
fnname: f.Name(),
file: file,
line: line,
return ctx, func(format string, a ...interface{}) {
Debugf(format, a...)
// traced represents a context that is traced for function call timing. It
// also provides fast lookup for the various attributes that are available on
// the trace.
type traced struct {
id string
parent string
start time.Time
fnname string
file string
line int
func (ts *traced) Value(key interface{}) interface{} {
switch key {
case "trace.start":
return ts.start
case "trace.duration":
return time.Since(ts.start)
case "":
case "":
if ts.parent == "" {
return nil // must return nil to signal no parent.
return ts.parent
case "trace.func":
return ts.fnname
case "trace.file":
return ts.file
case "trace.line":
return ts.line
return ts.Context.Value(key)