etcd roadmap

work in progress

This document defines a high level roadmap for etcd development.

The dates below should not be considered authoritative, but rather indicative of the projected timeline of the project. The milestones defined in GitHub represent the most up-to-date and issue-for-issue plans.

etcd 3.2 is our current stable branch. The roadmap below outlines new features that will be added to etcd, and while subject to change, define what future stable will look like.

etcd 3.2 (2017-May)

  • Stable scalable proxy
  • Proxy-as-client interface passthrough
  • Lock service
  • Namespacing proxy
  • TLS Command Name and JWT token based authentication
  • Read-modify-write V3 Put
  • Improved watch performance
  • Support non-blocking concurrent read

etcd 3.3 (?)

  • TBD