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Cloudstack Cloud Controller Manager

A Cloud Controller Manager to facilitate Kubernetes deployments on Cloudstack.

Based on the old Cloudstack provider in kube-controller-manager.


All dependencies are vendored. You need GNU make, git and Go 1.10 to build cloudstack-ccm.

go get
cd ${GOPATH}/src/

To build the cloudstack-cloud-controller-manager container, please use the provided Docker file:

docker build . -t swisstxt/cloudstack-cloud-controller-manager:latest


Prebuilt containers are posted on Docker Hub.

TODO Add an example Kubernetes deployment.

Make sure your apiserver is running locally and keep your cloudstack config ready:

./cloudstack-ccm --cloud-provider external-cloudstack --cloud-config cloud.config --master localhost


© 2018 SWISS TXT AG and the Kubernetes authors.

See LICENSE-2.0 for permitted usage.