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Welcome to Click
Click is a J2EE web application framework featuring a Page
and Component oriented design. Click is an open source project
licensed using the Apache license.
Comprehensive HTML documentation is available online at:
The documentation is also available from the directory:
Release Notes
Detailed release notes are available here:
Distribution Jars
Distributed Click JAR files include:
dist/click-xx.jar - Click runtime JAR including dependencies
dist/click-nodeps-xx.jar - Click runtime JAR with no dependencies
dist/click-extras-xx.jar - Click Extras JAR
dist/click-mock-xx.jar - Click Mock Utilities JAR
Example pre-built web appliation include:
Build Information
Click is built using the J2SE 1.5.0 and Apache Ant
The Ant build.xml and files are located in
the build directory.
The main Ant targets include:
build-all build framework, extras, examples
build-distribution build distribution ZIP file
build-examples build click-examples WAR file
build-extras build click-extras JAR file
build-framework build click framework JAR file
build-maven-bundles build Maven repository upload bundles
build-mock build mock JAR file
build-sources build source ZIP files for use with IDEs
checkstyle run checkstyle report on Java soruce
deploy-examples copy example WAR files to app server
get-deps download JAR dependencies
get-deps-proxy download JAR dependencies via proxy
help display the Help message
javadoc create Javadoc HTML files
project-quick-start build application template
test-all run all unit tests
Before building the framework, all third-party library dependencies must be
downloaded using the command:
ant get-deps
To run all tests execute the command:
ant test-all
To build a new distribution run:
ant build-distribution
To build the core library, click-x.x.x.jar, run:
ant build-framework
To build the extras library, click-extras.x.x.x.jar, run:
ant build-extras
To build the documentation (both PDF and HTML formats) please see:
Further information on building Click is available here: