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Apache Chemistry (Incubating) PHP CMIS Client Library
Thanks for using phpclient, the CMIS client library for PHP.
The goal of this library is to provide an interoperable API to CMIS
repositories such as Alfresco, Nuxeo, KnowledgeTree, MS SharePoint,
EMC Documentum, and any other content repository that is CMIS-compliant.
More info on CMIS can be found at:
The source code for this project lives at
The atom library has been refactored and is under atom
To Run this example execute the following
php -f cmis_ls.php <rest-endpoint> <username> <password> <folderpath> [debug option 1|2]
+ The if the folder path has spaces in it you must URL encode the folder path i.e. /Data Dictionary --> /Data+Dictionary
+ The debug option can be omitted. If it is 1 the program will display all of the arrays associated with the objects that
are returned. If the debug option is 2 or more, then the XML returned will also be displayed
+ This will not work on Pre CMIS-1.0 repositories
+ There is virtually no error checking.
+ Your version of php must support DOMDocument and curl
php -f cmis_ls.php admin admin /
php -f cmis_ls.php admin admin /Data+Dictionary 1
The cmis_repository_wrapper.php library provided the following functionality
+ Encapsulates access to a CMIS 1.0 compliant repository
+ Provides utilities for getting information out of:
+ Workspace (the repositoryInfo)
+ Object Entries
+ Non-Hierarchical Object feeds
More information will be on the Wiki for this Google Code Project and on
the author's blog
The docs were built with the following command
phpdoc -t docs/atom -d atom
php ../utils/phpunit.phar <classname>
php -e -d display_errors=On ../utils/phpunit.phar --debug -v <classname>
Adding Calls that mimick the domain model
Potential enhancements
+ performance enhancements -- storing session/repository information
+ web services binding
+ PHP Provider framework