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Apache Celix website

This is the source code for the website of Apache Celix, hosted at:


Repository structure

This repository uses 2 branches for serving the website.

  • The master branch, which contains all the sources for the website.
  • The asf-site branch, which contains the generated website being used for the Celix website.

When contributing patches, apply them to the master branch. Jenkins will then regenerate the website and commit the changes to the asf-site branch.

Content Management System

The Celix website uses Hugo as static website generator. See Hugo for more info and for details how to install Hugo.

Generate the website

Copy documentation dir from celix repo

  • Run git submodule init and git submodule update to retrieve the Celix sources.
  • Run ./extract_celix_docs.sh to copy the markdown files from the Celix main repository to the site repository.

Create doxygen documentation


Generate the static website

To generate the static website, execute hugo to generate and serve the website on localhost:1313.

During development, it may be useful to run an incremental build. For this to work, execute hugo server -D to continuously generate and serve the website on localhost:1313.

Publish the website

Jenkins is used for generating the website and committing the generated site to the asf-site branch.