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<h2>Apache Cassandra Blog</h2>
<p>Have something to share with the community? Let us know on the <a href="">mailing list</a>!</p>
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<h4><a href="/blog/2019/04/09/benchmarking_streaming.html">Even Higher Availability with 5x Faster Streaming in Cassandra 4.0</a></h4>
<p>Posted on April 09, 2019 by The Apache Cassandra Community</p>
<p>Streaming is a process where nodes of a cluster exchange data in the form of SSTables. Streaming can kick in during many situations such as bootstrap, repair, rebuild, range movement, cluster expansion, etc. In this post, we discuss the massive performance improvements made to the streaming process in Apache Cassandra 4.0.</p>
<h5><a href="/blog/2019/04/09/benchmarking_streaming.html">Read more &raquo;</a></h5>
<li class="blog-post">
<h4><a href="/blog/2018/12/03/introducing-transient-replication.html">Introducing Transient Replication</a></h4>
<p>Posted on December 03, 2018 by The Apache Cassandra Community</p>
<p>Transient Replication is a new experimental feature soon to be available in 4.0. When enabled, it allows for the creation of keyspaces where replication factor can be specified as a number of copies (full replicas) and temporary copies (transient replicas). Transient replicas retain the data they replicate only long enough for it to be propagated to full replicas, via incremental repair, at which point the data is deleted. Writing to transient replicas can be avoided almost entirely if monotonic reads are not required because it is possible to achieve a quorum of acknowledged writes without them.</p>
<h5><a href="/blog/2018/12/03/introducing-transient-replication.html">Read more &raquo;</a></h5>
<li class="blog-post">
<h4><a href="/blog/2018/10/29/audit_logging_cassandra.html">Audit Logging in Apache Cassandra 4.0</a></h4>
<p>Posted on October 29, 2018 by the Apache Cassandra Community</p>
<p>Database audit logging is an industry standard tool for enterprises to
capture critical data change events including what data changed and who
triggered the event. These captured records can then be reviewed later
to ensure compliance with regulatory, security and operational policies.</p>
<h5><a href="/blog/2018/10/29/audit_logging_cassandra.html">Read more &raquo;</a></h5>
<li class="blog-post">
<h4><a href="/blog/2018/10/17/finding_bugs_with_property_based_testing.html">Finding Bugs in Cassandra's Internals with Property-based Testing</a></h4>
<p>Posted on October 17, 2018 by the Apache Cassandra Community</p>
<p>As of September 1st, the Apache Cassandra community has shifted the focus of Cassandra 4.0 development from new feature work to testing, validation, and hardening, with the goal of releasing a stable 4.0 that every Cassandra user, from small deployments to large corporations, can deploy with confidence. There are several projects and methodologies that the community is undertaking to this end. One of these is the adoption of property-based testing, which was <a href="">previously introduced here</a>. This post will take a look at a specific use of this approach and how it found a bug in a new feature meant to ensure data integrity between the client and Cassandra.</p>
<h5><a href="/blog/2018/10/17/finding_bugs_with_property_based_testing.html">Read more &raquo;</a></h5>
<li class="blog-post">
<h4><a href="/blog/2018/08/21/testing_apache_cassandra.html">Testing Apache Cassandra 4.0</a></h4>
<p>Posted on August 21, 2018 by the Apache Cassandra Community</p>
<p>With the goal of ensuring reliability and stability in Apache Cassandra 4.0, the project’s committers have voted to freeze new features on September 1 to concentrate on testing and validation before cutting a stable beta. Towards that goal, the community is investing in methodologies that can be performed at scale to exercise edge cases in the largest Cassandra clusters. The result, we hope, is to make Apache Cassandra 4.0 the best-tested and most reliable major release right out of the gate.</p>
<h5><a href="/blog/2018/08/21/testing_apache_cassandra.html">Read more &raquo;</a></h5>
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