Read config from sidecar.config System Property instead of classpath

Alters configuration processing to read from `sidecar.config` system
property instead of using `Configurations` file resolution, which seems
to read from classpath first.

Also does the following:

* Move `conf` into `src/dist/config`.  This causes the `conf` directory
  to be included in the tar and zip distributions where it previously
  was not.
* Don't add `conf` directory to classpath.  For logging add
  `-Dlogback.configuration` to arguments.  Also add `logback-test.xml`
  to have different logging behavior for tests.
* Copy agents into `build/install/appName/agents` directly instead of
  `src/dist`. Make `copyDist` depend on `copyJolokia`. This also has
  the side effect of having agents copied to the project directory, so
  `bin/CassandraSidecarDaemon` works after `./gradlew build`.
* Improve logging to include full address instead of just port.
* Add generated paths to gitignore

patch by Andrew Tolbert; reviewed by Dinesh Joshi and Vinay Chella for CASSANDRA-15288
8 files changed
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Apache Cassandra Sidecar [WIP]

This is a Sidecar for the highly scalable Apache Cassandra database. For more information, see the Apache Cassandra web site and CIP-1.

This is project is still WIP.


  1. Java >= 1.8 (OpenJDK or Oracle)
  2. Apache Cassandra 4.0

Getting started

After you clone the git repo, you can use the gradle wrapper to build and run the project. Make sure you have Apache Cassandra running on the host & port specified in conf/sidecar.yaml.

$ ./gradlew run

You can use build, test to build & test the project.

Wondering where to go from here?