Sidecar for Apache Cassandra

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Apache Cassandra Sidecar [WIP]

This is a Sidecar for the highly scalable Apache Cassandra database. For more information, see the Apache Cassandra web site and CIP-1.

This is project is still WIP.


  1. Java >= 1.8 (OpenJDK or Oracle), or Java 11
  2. Apache Cassandra 4.0. We depend on virtual tables which is a 4.0 only feature.

Getting started

After you clone the git repo, you can use the gradle wrapper to build and run the project. Make sure you have Apache Cassandra running on the host & port specified in conf/sidecar.yaml.

$ ./gradlew run

You can use build, test to build & test the project.

CircleCI Testing

You will need to use the “Add Projects” function of CircleCI to set up CircleCI on your fork. When promoted to create a branch, do not replace the CircleCI config, choose the option to do it manually. CircleCI will pick up the in project configuration.

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