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# 0.0.7
CASSANDRA-16136: Add Metrics to instance API
CASSANDRA-16272: Nodetool assert apis do not include the new stdout and stderr in the failure message
# 0.0.6
CASSANDRA-16148: Add IInstance#getReleaseVersionString
# 0.0.5
CASSANDRA-16109: If user has not set nodeCount, use the node id topology size
CASSANDRA-16057: Update in-jvm dtest to expose stdout and stderr for nodetool
CASSANDRA-16120: Add ability for jvm-dtest to grep instance logs
CASSANDRA-16101: Add method to ignore uncaught throwables
CASSANDRA-16109: Collect dc/rack information and validate when building
CASSANDRA-15386: Default to 3 datadirs in in-jvm dtests
CASSANDRA-16101: Add method to fetch uncaught exceptions
# 0.0.4
CASSANDRA-15920: Make SimpleQueryResult a container for client warnings, and expose those warnings via QueryResult
# 0.0.3
CASSANDRA-15851: Add instance initializer
# 0.0.2
CASSANDRA-15684: Improve error codes in NodeToolResult to produce better errors and to allow Any style message checks
CASSANDRA-15713: Make shared class filter for InstanceClassLoader pluggable
CASSANDRA-15714: Add support for replacing logback with alternate logger config (like log4j2)
CASSANDRA-15756: In-jvm dtest IInstance and ICoordinator should use QueryResult as the base API
CASSANDRA-15733: Cluster builder should be provided to the factory and expose state