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import pytest
import logging
from dtest import Tester
from import rows_to_list
since = pytest.mark.since
logger = logging.getLogger(__name__)
class TestStressSparsenessRatio(Tester):
@jira_ticket CASSANDRA-9522
Tests for the `row-population-ratio` parameter to `cassandra-stress`.
def test_uniform_ratio(self):
Tests that the ratio-specifying string 'uniform(5..15)/50' results in
~80% of the values written being non-null.
def test_fixed_ratio(self):
Tests that the string 'fixed(1)/3' results in ~1/3 of the values
written being non-null.
expected_ratio=1 - 1 / 3,
def distribution_template(self, ratio_spec, expected_ratio, delta):
@param ratio_spec the string passed to `row-population-ratio` in the call to `cassandra-stress`
@param expected_ratio the expected ratio of null/non-null values in the values written
@param delta the acceptable delta between the expected and actual ratios
A parameterized test for the `row-population-ratio` parameter to
node = self.cluster.nodelist()[0]
node.stress(['write', 'n=1000', 'no-warmup', '-rate', 'threads=50', '-col', 'n=FIXED(50)',
'-insert', 'row-population-ratio={ratio_spec}'.format(ratio_spec=ratio_spec)])
session = self.patient_cql_connection(node)
written = rows_to_list(session.execute('SELECT * FROM keyspace1.standard1;'))
num_nones = sum(row.count(None) for row in written)
num_results = sum(len(row) for row in written)
assert abs(float(num_nones) / num_results - expected_ratio) <= delta
class TestStressWrite(Tester):
@pytest.mark.timeout(3 * 60)
def test_quick_write(self):
@jira_ticket CASSANDRA-14890
A simple write stress test should be done very quickly
node = self.cluster.nodelist()[0]
node.stress(['write', 'err<0.9', 'n>1', '-rate', 'threads=1'])
out, err, _ = node.run_cqlsh('describe table keyspace1.standard1')
assert 'standard1' in out