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Apache CarbonData is a new big data file format for faster interactive query using advanced columnar storage, index, compression and encoding techniques to improve computing efficiency, in turn it will help speedup queries an order of magnitude faster over PetaBytes of data.


CarbonData file format is a columnar store in HDFS, it has many features that a modern columnar format has, such as splittable, compression schema ,complex data type etc, and CarbonData has following unique features:

  • Stores data along with index: it can significantly accelerate query performance and reduces the I/O scans and CPU resources, where there are filters in the query. CarbonData index consists of multiple level of indices, a processing framework can leverage this index to reduce the task it needs to schedule and process, and it can also do skip scan in more finer grain unit (called blocklet) in task side scanning instead of scanning the whole file.
  • Operable encoded data :Through supporting efficient compression and global encoding schemes, can query on compressed/encoded data, the data can be converted just before returning the results to the users, which is “late materialized”.
  • Column group: Allow multiple columns to form a column group that would be stored as row format. This reduces the row reconstruction cost at query time.
  • Supports for various use cases with one single Data format : like interactive OLAP-style query, Sequential Access (big scan), Random Access (narrow scan).


Please visit CarbonData cwiki

Building CarbonData and using Development tools

Please refer Building CarbonData and configuring IDE

Getting Started

Read the quick start

Usage of CarbonData

DDL Operations on CarbonData

DML Operations on CarbonData

CarbonData data management

CarbonData File Structure and interfaces

Please refer CarbonData File Format and CarbonData Interfaces

Other Technical Material

Apache CarbonData meetup material

Fork and Contribute

This is an active open source project for everyone, and we are always open to people who want to use this system or contribute to it. This guide document introduce how to contribute to CarbonData.

Contact us

To get involved in CarbonData:


Apache CarbonData is an open source project of The Apache Software Foundation (ASF). CarbonData project original contributed from the Huawei.