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Camel-RSS to Camel-IRC Example


This example shows how to work with the Camel-RSS and Camel-irc components.

The example creates a route that pulls from the Jira RSS feed for Camel, extracts the title then sends that to the irc endpoint which posts it in an IRC channel.

There are 2 examples, one using XML configuration and the other using the Camel Java DSL.


You will need to compile this example first: mvn compile


To run the Java DSL example type

cd javadsl
mvn camel:run

To run the XML Configuration example type

cd xmlconf
mvn camel:run

You can see the routing rules by looking at the java code in the src/main/java directory and the Spring XML configuration lives in src/main/resources/META-INF/spring in each module

To stop the example hit ctrl+c


This example is documented at

Forum, Help, etc

If you hit an problems please let us know on the Camel Forums

Please help us make Apache Camel better - we appreciate any feedback you may have. Enjoy!

The Camel riders!