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examples/camel-example-box-osgi/ OSGi Example


A simple example which sets up a camel route to upload files found in an inbox directory to a account.

Camel component used in this example

  • camel-code
  • camel-bom


First you will need to compile the example:

mvn install


To run the example on Apache Karaf 2.4.x

Step 1

Launch karaf

Step 2

Add features required into Karak

features:chooseurl camel ${version}
features:install camel-spring
features:install camel-box

Step 3

Create a file in the Karaf base directory with the following properties set to your box account credentials.


Step 4

Deploy the example into Karak

osgi:install -s mvn:org.apache.camel/camel-example-box-osgi/${version}

Step 5

Copy files to the inbox directory in the Karaf base directory.

Step 6

Watch them get transferred to your account.

Forum, Help, etc

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Please help us make Apache Camel better - we appreciate any feedback you may have. Enjoy!

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