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PgEvent Component

This is a component for Apache Camel which allows for Producing/Consuming PostgreSQL events related to the LISTEN/NOTIFY commands added since PostgreSQL 8.3.

Usage (Not yet working)

You can configure this component via URI parameters like most other Camel components. The possible parameters are listed below:

String host = "localhost";

Integer port = 5432;

String database;

String channel;

String user = "postgres";

String pass;

DataSource datasource;

If you use the pgDataSource parameter, all other connection parameters are ignored. The channel parameter, however, is always required.

URI Format

pgevent:[datasource] || [//host:port]/<database>/<channel>[?parameters]




pgevent:///proddb/customerupdates   ## Uses all defaults

Building And Installing

To build this project use

mvn install

For more help see the Apache Camel documentation: