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CXF WebService Proxy example
An example which proxies a real web service by a Camel application using the camel-cxf component
You will need to compile this example first:
mvn compile
To run the example type:
mvn camel:run
The proxied webservice is located at
http://localhost:<port 1>/camel-example-cxf-proxy/webservices/incident
The real webservice is located at
http://localhost:<port 2>/real-webservice
The webservice WSDL is exposed at:
http://localhost:<port 1>/camel-example-cxf-proxy/webservices/incident?wsdl
Because we use dynamic port numbers, you have to check the console to get the used one.
To stop the example hit ctrl + c
To make a SOAP call open soapUI or another SOAP query tool and create a new
project w/WSDL of http://localhost:<port 1>/camel-example-cxf-proxy/webservices/incident?wsdl.
Then make SOAP requests of this format:
<soapenv:Envelope xmlns:soapenv=""
<summary>Bla bla</summary>
<details>More bla</details>
This example is documented at
If you hit any problems please let us know on the Camel Forums
Please help us make Apache Camel better - we appreciate any feedback you may
have. Enjoy!
The Camel Riders!