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Camel Spring Security Example


This example shows how to leverage the Spring Security to secure the camel endpoint.


You will need to compile this example first:

mvn clean install


To run the example, you need to start up the server and copy the .war to the application server

The example consumes messages from a servlet endpoint which is secured by Spring Security with http basic authentication, there are two service: http://localhost:8080/camel-example-spring-security-${version}/camel/user is for the authenticated user whose role is ROLE_USER http://localhost:8080/camel-example-spring-security-${version}/camel/admin is for the authenticated user whose role is ROLE_ADMIN

Then you can use the script in the client directory to send the request and check the response, or use browser to access upper urls with the user/password (jim/jimspassword with the admin and user role or bob/bobspassword with user role).

Forum, Help, etc

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