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Spring & Pulsar Example


This example shows how to work with the Camel-Pulsar Component.

The example consumes messages from a topic and invoke the bean with the received message.

You can run the Pulsar cluster through docker:

docker run -it \
  -p 6650:6650 \
  -p 8080:8080 \
  -v $PWD/data:/pulsar/data \
  apachepulsar/pulsar:2.0.1-incubating \
  bin/pulsar standalone

The Server is required to be running when you try the clients.

And for the Client we have a total of three flavors: NB only 1st one working at the moment

  • Normal use the ProducerTemplate ala Spring Template style
  • Using Spring Remoting for powerful “Client doesn't know at all its a remote call”
  • And using the Message Endpoint pattern using the neutral Camel API


You will need to compile this example first:

mvn compile


The example should run if you type:

Step 1: Run Server

mvn exec:java -PCamelServer

Step 2: Run Clients

mvn exec:java -PCamelClient
Below don't work yet
mvn exec:java -PCamelClientRemoting
mvn exec:java -PCamelClientEndpoint

To stop the example hit ctrl+c