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Spring Java Config Example


This example shows how to work with Micrometer metrics, using Spring Java Config to boot up Camel, configure the routes and meters.

The example triggers an exchange every 10s that runs through a route using a variable delay. The exchange is measured in various ways:

  • using Micrometer producers (timer and distribution summary)
  • using a Route Policy Factory
  • using Event Notifiers


You will need to compile this example first:

mvn compile

Setup of Monitoring backend

This example uses Prometheus as monitoring backend.

  • Download the package for your platform and unpack it on your local host
  • Edit the prometheus.yml file and append another scrape_config:
  - job_name: 'camel'
      - targets: ['localhost:8088']
  • Start up Prometheus

Optionally, you can install a metrics visualizer, e.g. Grafana:

  • Download the package for your platform and unpack it on your local host
  • Add your Prometheus server as a data source
  • Import a suitable dashboard
  • Add some graphs to display Camel metrics (this is out of scope for this example).


To run the example type

mvn exec:java
  • You can access http://localhost:8088/metrics in order to manually obtain the Micrometer output for Prometheus.
  • In Prometheus, you can query for one of the metrics related to Camel or the JVM.

To stop the example hit Ctrl+c


You can see the routing rules by looking at the java code in the src/main/java directory

Forum, Help, etc

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Please help us make Apache Camel better - we appreciate any feedback you may have. Enjoy!

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