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Camel CXF Example


This example shows how to work with CXF and Camel.

The Camel CXF example is a demo of the camel-cxf component to show how to route messages between CXF endpoints, with one endpoint consuming a SOAP over HTTP request while the other providing a SOAP over JMS request for the actual CXF Service endpoint. The Camel router just routes the SOAP over HTTP CXF client request to the SOAP over JMS CXF service.


You will need to compile this example first:

mvn compile


To run the example of routing between different transport type

mvn exec:java -PHttpToJMS

To run the example of Camel transport type

mvn exec:java -PCamelTransport

To run the example of using WebServiceProvider API

mvn exec:java -PWebServiceProvider

To run the example of showing how to create CXF JAXRS endpoint

mvn exec:java -PJAXRS

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