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Testing Example - CDI


This example demonstrates the testing features that are provided as part of the integration between Camel and CDI.

The example is implemented in Java with CDI dependency injection. It uses JBoss Weld as the minimal CDI container to run the application, though you can run the application in any CDI compliant container.

This example comes with a series of test classes that each demonstrates particular features provided by the camel-test-cdi module:

Test classDescription
AdviceTestAdds a test route using Camel advice API
AlternativeTestMocks a bean used in a Camel route with a CDI alternative
ApplicationScopedTestA stateful @ApplicationScoped test class
CustomContextTestDeclares a custom Camel context bean for test purpose
OrderTestOrders the test methods execution with @Order


You can build this example using:

$ mvn package


You can run this example using:

$ mvn camel:run

When the Camel application runs, you should see the following message being logged to the console, e.g.:

2016-03-04 17:54:04,147 [cdi.Main.main()] INFO  route - Hello from camel-test-cdi

The Camel application can be stopped pressing ctrl+c in the shell.

You should see the following message being logged to the console:

2016-03-04 17:54:18,725 [Thread-1       ] INFO  route - Bye from camel-test-cdi

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