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Camel Artemis AMQP Messaging

This example shows how to produce/consume messages between Apache Camel and ActiveMQ Artemis using the AMQP component based on the JMS 2.0 Apache Qpid Proton client library.

One benefit of using Camel‘s AMQP component is to allow connectivity to Qpid’s Dispatch Router enabling flexible and scalable interconnect between any AMQP endpoints.

The example includes a JUnit to showcase how to embed an AMQP enabled Artemis Broker. This permits building and testing the code in complete isolation.

When deployed in a running environment, Camel will attempt to connect to an already existing Artemis broker using the default AMQP port (5672).

Test with embedded Artemis

The JUnit with an included embedded Artemis Broker can be triggered using Maven.

mvn test -P itest

Install ActiveMQ Artemis

To automate downloading, unpacking and configuration of Apache ActiveMQ Artemis with latest defined version a special profile is added. It's necessary to run following Maven command for do this during example install:

mvn install -P artemis

Run ActiveMQ Artemis

To start configured ActiveMQ Artemis instance in a shell use:

$ target/artemis-instance/bin/artemis run

Which startup ActiveMQ Artemis in the foreground and keeps it running until you hit ctrl+c to shutdown ActiveMQ Artemis.

Run Camel

Start the Camel application:

mvn camel:run -DskipTests=true

Once started, Camel will be listening for HTTP requests (port 9090) as a trigger mechanism to fire AMQP messages to Artemis.

From your prefered browser hit the following URL:


Or alternatively, using cURL:

curl http://localhost:9090/message

The above actions should render on screen:

Hello from Camel's AMQP example

To stop the example hit ctrl+c.

ActiveMQ Artemis web console

You can browse the Artemis web console: http://localhost:8161/console to see activity such as number of consumers and producers or acknoledged messages.

Run with Karaf

You will need to install this example first to your local maven repository with:

mvn install

Then you can install this example from the shell using this example's features.xml for easy provisioning:

feature:repo-add mvn:org.apache.camel.example/camel-example-artemis-amqp-blueprint/${version}/xml/features
feature:install camel-example-artemis-amqp-blueprint

And you can see the application running by tailing the logs:


And you can use ctrl+c to stop tailing the log.

Forum, Help, etc

If you hit an problems please let us know on the Camel Forums

Please help us make Apache Camel better - we appreciate any feedback you may have. Enjoy!

The Camel riders!