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#Description of Weather API

##Types of queries

There are five type of queries:

  1. current weather (contexts weather, group, find and box/city);
  2. forecast (5 days per 3 hours, context forecast)
  3. forecast/daily (context forecast/daily); you must provide cnt parameter
  4. history (context history/city and maybe also history/station)
  5. station (contexts station, box/station and station/find)


  1. by name of the city and the country code (q={city name},{country code})
  2. by id of the city (id={city ID}); The current weather can also be asked for a group of id's using the context group
  3. by latitude and longitude (lat={lat}&lon={lon})
  4. by box (bbox=12,32,15,37,10), you must also provide cluster=yes/no; context must be box/city or box/station
  5. find cities/station around location defined by lat/lon; context must be find or station/find. You must provide a cnt parameter.

##Note The history by station isn't documented at the OpenWeather website but is mentioned in the issue