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Camel Google BigQuery Component testing

The unit tests provided are somewhat limited.

Due to the nature of the component, it needs to be tested against a google BigQuery instance as no emulator is available.

  • Unit :
    Standalone tests that can be conducted on their own
  • Integration :
    Tests against a Google BigQuery instance

Execution of integration tests

A Google Cloud account with a configured BigQuery instance is required with a dataset created.

Google BigQuery component authentication is targeted for use with the GCP Service Accounts. For more information please refer to[Google Cloud Platform Auth Guide]

Google security credentials for the tests can be set in the src/test/resources/ file by setting either one of the following in order of preference:

  • Service Account Email and Service Account Key (PEM format) (service.account and service.key)
  • GCP credentials file location (service.credentialsFileLocation)

Or implicitly, where the connection factory falls back on[Application Default Credentials].

OBS! The location of the default credentials file is configurable - via GOOGLE_APPLICATION_CREDENTIALS environment variable.

Service Account Email and Service Account Key can be found in the GCP JSON credentials file as client_email and private_key respectively.

For the tests the and bigquery.datasetId needs to be configured. By default the current google user will be used to connect but credentials can be provided either by account/key (via service.account and service.key) or a credentials file (service.credentialsFileLocation)

Running tests against BigQuery instance:

mvn -Pgoogle-bigquery-test verify