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Camel component for the CM SMS Gateway.

It allows to integrate CM SMS API in an application as a camel component.

You must have a valid account. More information are available at CM Telecom.

URI Format


Endpoint Options

CM SMS endpoints act like a producer and support the following options.

NameDefault ValueDescription
productTokennoneRequired. UUID as String. This is the product token that was sent to you by email. Example: ‘de7c7df3-81ca-4d1e-863d-95a252120321’
defaultFromnoneRequired. This is the default sender name, to be included in each SMSMessage instance not providing one. The maximum length is 11 characters.
defaultMaxNumberOfParts8If it is a multipart message forces the max number of parts to be sent. The gateway will first check if a message is larger than 160 characters, if so, the message will be cut into multiple 153 characters parts limited by these parameters whether the message is GSM 0038 encodeable. Otherwise, The gateway will check if a message is larger than 70 characters, if so, the message will be cut into multiple 67 characters parts to a maximum of this parameter.
testConnectionOnStartupfalseThis ensures that Camel is not started with failed connections cause an exception is thrown on startup.

Sample of Usage

You can try this project to see how camel-cm-sms can be integrated in a camel route.