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= Spring Boot Camel LiveReload Sample
This example shows how to use the live reload feature of Spring Boot with Apache Camel.
The example exposes a rest endpoint on http://localhost:8080/.
The route can be tested with a browser having the LiveReload extension installed.
LiveReload browser extensions are freely available for the most popular browsers from[].
The example should be launched with the following maven command:
mvn spring-boot:run
Once the application is started, you can visit http://localhost:8080/ with a browser and activate the LiveReload feature
(usually, by clicking on the extension's icon).
Changing the source code (eg. changing the default message returned by the route) will produce a refresh in the browser.
When using IntelliJ Idea, after doing the changes, you should compile the project (eg. by clicking on the _"Make Project"_ button)
in order to see the changes in the browser.
== More information
You can find more information about Apache Camel at the website:
For information about the LiveReload feature, check the[dev tools documentation].