Camel Spark REST


This example shows how to use Spark REST to define REST endpoints in Camel routes using the Rest DSL Spark requires Java 8, so you will need to use Java 8.


This is an example that uses the rest-dsl to define a rest services which provides three operations

  • GET user/view/{id} - View user by id
  • GET user/list - List all users
  • PUT user/update - Updates or create a user


You will need to compile this example first:

mvn compile


To run the example type

mvn camel:run

The rest service can be accessed from the following url

curl http://localhost:8080/user


For example to get a user with id 123

curl http://localhost:8080/user/view/123


And to list all the users

curl http://localhost:8080/user/list


The rest services provides Swagger API which can be accessed from the following url in json or yaml format:

curl http://localhost:8080/api-doc/swagger.json
curl http://localhost:8080/api-doc/swagger.yaml


To stop the example hit ctrl+c

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