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= Apache Camel extensions for Quarkus
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== What is this
This project hosts the efforts to port and package the 280+ Camel components as Quarkus extensions.[Apache Camel] is the Swiss knife of integrating heterogeneous systems with more than a decade
of history and a lively community of users and developers.[Quarkus] is a Java platform offering fast boot times and low memory footprint. It targets both stock
JVMs (OpenJDK in the first place) and[GraalVM].[Quarkus extensions] are units of Quarkus distribution. They configure, boot and integrate
a technology (in our case Camel components) into your Quarkus application. You will typically use them as dependencies
in your project.
== How to build
See the contributor guide xref:docs/modules/ROOT/pages/contributor-guide.adoc[in the source tree] or on the[Apache Camel website].
== Licensing
This software is licensed under the terms you may find in the file named `LICENSE.txt` in this directory.