Camel Kameleon is a project to scaffold new Camel project.

Clone this repo:


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Kameleon - project scaffolding for Apache Camel

This is a project generator for Apache Camel. It generates maven-based Java project with preconfigured Apache Camel runtime and selected components/extensions.

Build and run locally


  • Java 11
  • Maven 3.6
  • Git

Install camel-kamelets-catalog

Kameleon requires camel-kamelets-catalog that is not in maven central yet.

cd /tmp/camel
git clone 
mvn install   

Run in development mode

export MAVEN_HOME=$YOUR_MAVEN_HOME ; mvn quarkus:dev


mvn package


export MAVEN_HOME=$YOUR_MAVEN_HOME ; java -jar target/kameleon/kameleon-0.2.0-runner.jar

Start locally

Start the latest image locally:

docker run -i --rm -p 8080:8080